Thursday, August 22, 2019
Where to Eat, Play, Shop and Stay in Big Bear Lake


Big Bear Theater, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization with the mission to teach and perform the arts in the Big Bear Valley area of Southern California. The Big Bear Valley is a rural region consisting of a small resident population living in an isolated bowl high atop a mountain.

While the Valley is a tourist destination for those wishing to engage in water sports, outdoor living and skiing, with a population fluctuating from the 17,500 permanent residents up to 100,000 or more permanent and part-time residents and visitors on some holiday weekends, the Valley and its municipalities retain a small-town ambiance.

Residents interact mainly with each other rather than “Flatlanders” as visitors are affectionately nicknamed, and so, largely, it is a closed society with little opportunity for exposure to the arts or arts education.


Big Bear Theater operates a Federal Communications Commission licensed FM radio station on the frequency of 94.5 FM. The community radio station goes by the name of The Voice of Big Bear.

The station gives to the visitors and residents of Big Bear a forum through which to learn about the arts and to exchange ideas and information pertinent to the Big Bear Valley. KVBB-LP offers programming that includes, but is not limited to, coaching on acting, singing, musical history and theatre, music of all genres, literature—including plays, poetry, novels  and short stories—literacy through creative writing and storytelling and the reporting of local politics, news, weather, road conditions and history. Learn more about KVBB on its Website at

Auditions at Tudor House

Auditions at Tudor House